Let us break down how the Uniswap LP pool works in tandem with our $FOOM token:

Pooled FOOM Decrease: When more people buy $FOOM, the number of $FOOM tokens in the LP pool decreases. This scenario brings us closer to a supply squeeze, commonly referred to as the "FOOM event."

Impact of the FOOM Event: When we approach this event, the price of $FOOM can rise rapidly due to the decreased supply and increased demand dynamics.

Pooled FOOM Increase: On the flip side, if more people sell $FOOM, then the LP pool will have an increased number of $FOOM tokens. This leads to a decrease in the graph as the supply outweighs demand. You can check current status of Foom Event on our website:

We hope this clarifies things! It's essential to understand these dynamics. Let's continue to aim for the stars! πŸš€

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